Within a Cathedral of Trees- Poem by Olivia Fern.

I went to Church today,
within a Cathedral of trees
I found the thing i’d been seeking,
within the gold leafed leaves.

And their trunks, like spires, were reaching
towards the sun of god,
the one who gives us light and life
and without whom it would be forever night.

The great Father of the forest called me near
“come sit a while beside me dear..”
So I sat and breathed
air given from the trees
that smelled of bark and moss and leaves.

In their presence there was no mistaking
something ancient, deep and true.
In the silence of their being
they helped me find it within myself too.

And there i stayed, rooted to the spot
the present moment
with no other thought…

except “Thank you”


  • This has since become a piece that I perform live on my loop station by layering my vocals with guitar to bring the words to life.