Upcoming gig dates: 

Sadly due to Covid all gigs are cancelled until further notice.



18th July- Buddhafield festival, Devon.

20th July- Seed festival, Stroud.

26th July- Rhythmn & Roots, Manchester.

15th August- private event, Brockwood Park Krishnamurti School, Hampshire.

16th August- Spirit Fest.

22nd August- Conscious dance event, Gothenburg, Sweden.

24th August- PlayFull hearts festival, Sweden.

September-  Brighton, London & Oxford dates t.b.c

October- Ireland Tour date t.b.c
8th June- All About Love festival, Bath.

8th May- Star Anise, Stroud.

5th May- The Hatch, Devon. With support from Helen Knight. 

1st May- Bristol Uni. Opening for a talk by George Monbiot. 

27th April- Room In From, Frome.  With support from James Frost and Louisa Love.

23rd April- Forest Row, Sussex. With support from Olivia Van Dort.

19th April- UnMind Space, Hackney. London. With support from Sam Garrett.

17th April- Album Launch Party, Nab Cottage. The Lake District