My musical journey so far…

The thought of being a musician/singer/songwriter didn’t even cross my mind til i was 16, which is when i picked up the guitar and wrote my first song.
At that time in my life I was living in a community of sorts and surrounded by people from all over the world. It was a vibrant place and there were lots of musical people there. One day curiosity made me pick up a guitar that i found lying around and i taught myself a few chords.

Literally within half an hour of doing so I had taken myself off somewhere quiet and written my first song.

It came like many songs have done since, in a burst of energy and words that seemed to come from somewhere else, other than me.
I think that’s what gave me faith and the feel that it was what i was meant to be doing, the fact that it came so naturally, as if i’d always done it. In that moment I knew id found something that would be with me throughout my life. When a song would come it would give me a feeling akin to being in love… there was a definite touch of magic to it.

I wrote a lot of songs at that time and continued to teach myself the guitar and recorded my first demo. Then after sixth form, young, hopeful and a bit naive, I moved to London (“because that’s where its at”…) and went down the route of studying music for a while.
Looking back on it now I see that I was under the impression that that’s what i needed to do if i wanted to be respected as a musician or “get somewhere”. I later realised that that mindset was not entirely true- Most of the artists i respect are self taught and didn’t go to music college! And the idea of “getting somewhere” seems pretty out dated now- There are so many ways you can do what you love and be self sufficient without becoming famous.

My time in London was pretty hard. It wasn’t my natural habitat (I’m definitely more of a woodland creature) and being able to spend time in nature and alone is fundamental to my creative process. I found myself in a bit of a depression, not writing and not having any confidence to share my music at open mics and missing wide open spaces. Safe to say i have become disillusioned with my course. I shouldn’t paint a dark picture of it though. It can be a great platform but for me it just wasn’t what i needed or wanted at that point in my creative life.

So, after a year, in my attempt to get back to some sort of creative flow, I moved to the Lake District, a place that had always felt like home to me. I soon found that it was  exactly what i needed.
I needed time to be alone.
To walk until all I could hear was silence.
To see the seasons change.
To feel alive again.

The Lakes is a place that has drawn poets and artists for centuries due to its beauty so it was no surprise that I started to meet the modern day poets, musicians and artists that were living here and started to write again.

It still took me a few years to get my courage up before I let my own music stand on its own though. I was a shy 19 year old when I moved away from London, so part of my learning and getting my confidence up came from singing in bands and harmonising on other peoples songs for a few years.
Finally, at the age of 22 i plucked up the courage to take my songs out of the bedroom and into open mics and soon after started gigging and recording, resulting in the Claim Your Soul E.P, a little tour of the UK and appearing on BBC introducing.

And now, age 26 (time waits for no man!) still living in the Lake District i now have one Album under my belt and the makings of another on the way, i’m so grateful for all that’s brought me to this point.
In lots of ways i feel like this journey with my music is only just beginning and it’s definitely evolving as i do.
So thank you for all your support so far and i’m looking forward to sharing the next chapter in this journey with you..