House Concerts.

My music is intimate and spacious and house concerts feel like the perfect setting in which to take people deeper into the music. It’s lovely to be in a space where people can feel total permission to relax, to lie down, to feel cosy and ‘at home’ without distraction, so they can tune in and feel what’s going on inside themselves, to let go of everything else and be taken on a journey through the music.

A house concert is simply someone offering their living room or a room in their home for a concert and hosting it. The room needs to be big enough for a minimum of 20 people (up to about 50 at the biggest). Once it’s organised they invite their friends and we spread the word. People buy a ticket to come. It’s nice to do a pot luck dinner (have everyone bring a dish) in order to make it more of a communal experience, or simple for people just to bring their own drinks and then have a break in between for refreshments. 

Each concert is unique with the freedom to shape it to fit the hosts needs and the situation of the space.

If you are interested in something like this or know a place that inspires you to create a concert in, please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to discuss things further and try and make it happen. x