The Dance- Poem by Olivia Fern.

The dance between
the dark and the light.
Fear and love.
Blindness and sight.
We forget in order to remember
and so it goes…
on and on
until it blows
out into eternal night?
Or into eternal light?

Breathing out
we release.
Breathing in
we recieve.
Remaining receptive
to what speaks

through the mountains and the dew.
beyond the “me” and the “you”.
Listen and it will speak to you
through the bird song
and the big open blue.

Speaking of something you always knew.

Within you it is planted deep.
Within the darkness,
buried deep
but you will reach
for the light
though it may feel out of sight.

Remember, the dawn always follow the night
and like a bird your voice is born to take flight.
So sing!

“We were always free,
you and me.
We chose to be.
We chose to be,