Incredible melodies, voice, lyrics and soul.” – BBC Introducing

One of those rare and stunning voices that can summon tears of beauty. -Ayla Nereo. International artist.

The emotive song-crafting of Olivia Fern’s music wraps around my ears to lead me down a quiet pathway to the heart...” – Murray Kyle. International Troubadour.

Olivia’s music is fervent and earthy- reflecting the depth of her spirit and soul.  With vocals more haunting than a graveyard full of lost souls, a captivating presence and a truly beautiful voice. Expect goosebumps”- Beatherder Festival

Olivia Fern – earthy, soulful songstress from The Lake District- is fast making a name for herself in the UK Folk and Alternative scene. Last year saw her touring alongside acclaimed artists such as Ayla Nereo (California) and opening for environmental events and speakers such as George Monbiot (Environmental activist and columnist in The Guardian).
Her new album ‘Calling Us Home ‘ has received much praise, being described as “moving and poignant”.
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Olivia’s songs range from the reflective and dreamlike to a powerful and a fiery call to action. Not just your standard singer songwriter- Olivia mixes up her sets with her use of the loop station in an original way to weave her singing and spoken word and harmonies.
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